In Space And Time Records is proud to announce our latest collaboration with Guthrie Galileo: The Ifandbut, which was released on December 25, 2014.

‘The Ifandbut’ was Guthrie’s primary focus for the year of 2014. The winter season was the time of its conception. Spring initiated the creative process. The summer was spent recording the bulk of its content. The fall consisted of finishing touches and transitioning to the mixing/mastering process. By the time the holidays rolled around, Guthrie and Spencer were spending hours on end in the studio wrapping up the sonic scape. Making use of analog gear and top-of-the line plug-ins, the two conceived of a sound reminiscent of a burning hot bonfire. The album was ignited and begging to be heard by the masses. In preparation for his excursion abroad in Brazil, Guthrie was excited for a Christmas release date. A surefire way to end the year with a definitive statement.

Guthrie Galileo - Ifandbut

– Tracklisting –

1   – If
2   – Bildungsroman
3   – Star Rays (Fluorescence)
4   – Own Wave (Bioluminescence)
5   – Cold Night
6   – Hot Rush
7   – That Irreversible
8   – Phantom
9   – Walk with Me
10 – Dream Runner
11 – Deluge Ostinato
12 – Thanks for Everything

Written and produced by Guthrie Galileo
Mastered by Spencer Goble at In Space And Time Records, San Francisco
Courtesy of In Space And Time Records

Cover design by Guthrie Galileo
Cover photography by Gabriel Stoltzfus
Additional Imagery by Kevin Bloom