For their first official release with In Space And Time Records, five-member band Soul Spectrum gives us “Cosmic Love/Not Reflected”, a prismatic single revealing the band’s roots in Soul, Jazz, and R&B. Bringing on singer Lucius Clark for this journey in sound, whose smooth timbre has been compared to Marvin Gaye and Smokey Robinson, Soul Spectrum’s blending of warm keyboard harmonies, syncopated guitar strums, funky bass patterns, and a foundation-laying rhythm section is reminiscent of sonorities from the past yet progressively contemporary. This is 21st century soul at its best. Whether crooning the listener with soft yet confident melodic lines or belting out full-on, melismatic runs, Clark’s expressiveness of these songs’ soulful lyrics displays his wide and capable vocal range.

This single, as a teaser for Soul Spectrum’s upcoming LP to be released this summer, is a venture in duality. “Cosmic Love” explores the complexities and intricacies of a deep infatuation with a universal love that pervades through all relationships and grows to interstellar proportions, both overwhelming and captivating (“A love so strong it makes it hard to breathe.”) In contrast, “Not Reflected” is the lament of a person whose intense feelings for someone are not shared mutually (“When I’m with you/It’s so clear/That the way I feel for you is not reflected.”) To bring things full-circle, included as a bonus track is “Brand New Day”, a positive and upbeat outtake that diametrically balances the striving nature of the first two tracks, and is all about relishing new beginnings.

This neo-soul effort marks this band’s first release and imprint on the world, bringing not only a colorful spectra of catchy, expressive melodies and funky beats, but also a multi-dimensional array of talent that will continue to flourish as Soul Spectrum continues to mold their sound.

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