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In Space And Time Records presents its first compilation of various artists, a brand new legacy of music beginning with Sound In Time Vol. I. Included in this ultra-limited physical release is a diverse array of musicians and producers, all representing a multitude of genres ranging from soul to house, hip-hop to electronic, and beats to funk. In Space And Time Records was started 2012 in San Francisco, California with the sole intention of promoting the forward-thinking, multi-dimensional music its founders believe in, procuring it widespread around the world at large, and releasing it in the most professional presentation possible.

This first compilation offers a comprehensive repertoire to affiliates and interested listeners by focusing in on a unique gathering of voices that stand out from the over-saturation of the music industry. In Space And Time Records is a community of artists and friends whose foundation is a passion and love for music of many different flavors, and seeing to it that these sounds make a deep impression on the vast soundscape within space and time.


In Space And Time Records
The Sandbox Collective
The Altered Echo Project


Adriana Roberts
Lifted Aquatic
The Phantom Rhythm
Guthrie Galileo
Soul Spectrum


1. Adeptus, “Italo”
2. Guthrie Galileo, “Cherry Ridge”, Sauce Vapor Vol. I*
3. Britt B, “Agonize”
4. Lifted Aquatic feat. Drii, “The Grind”, Street Theatre*
5. Soul Spectrum feat. Lucius Clark, “Brand New Day”, Cosmic Love*
6. Ikeda, “For The Love”
7. DJ Booda, “Melon”, Record Lights*
8. Hando, “Collar Pop”
9. Jazzyspoon, “Chain Letter”, A Product Of My Environment*
10. Fidelium, “Love Speech”, I’ll Be Famous When I’m Dead
11. BRSMSN, “Silver Surfer”
12. Lifted Aquatic feat. Drii, “Next To Venus”, Down By The Moon
13. Ikeda, “Loose Leaf”
14. Hando, “Daydreamin’ ”, Day*
15. Guthrie Galileo, “Champagne Flow”, Sauce Vapor Vol. I*
16. DJ Booda, “Ex-Juice”, Train Sessions*
17. BRSMSN, “Sippin’ on Spaceships”
18. Soul Spectrum feat. Lucius Clark, “Not Reflected”, Cosmic Love*
19. The Phantom Rhythm, “Moonflower”, Shadow Lane*

* Released by In Space And Time Records

Cover art: “Cosmic Traveller” by Gary Labonte and Adriana Roberts (acrylic on 4′ x 3′ canvas) — photographed by Mark DeRutte.

Many thanks to:
In Space And Time Records
The Soundbox Collective
Different Fur Studios
Outpost Studios
Infrasonic Sound
and everyone involved for their contributions to our scene—especially the artists…

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